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Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

45 BPM

Time Limit





Transforms and randomizes injuries; chances of leaving behind coins and diamonds


The left over chaos may overwhelm beginners

Max Chaos is a Legendary type partner in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He appears as a patient in Dr. Rashid's partner surgeries, labeled under surgery P19.

Bio Edit

A man who decided to fill his life with chance, Max Chaos went to study CHAOS MAGICK, a form of magic which can transmogrify one thing into something completely random.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

While left behind to tend to the lab, Rashid had went onto the Re-Generator's computer. A special file folder had caught the naive doctor's eye, under the file name "TOP SECRET PARTNERS. DO NOT RE-GENERATE". Opening the folder, he locates Max's surname and re-generates him. Though seeming physically fine on the outside, Max's "chaos glands" in his brain had been damaged during the re-generation. Fortunately, Rashid is able to mend them in order to keep his CHAOS MAGICK under control.

However, when Max regains his composure, he becomes wrathful and arrogant. He taunts Rashid by transforming his beverage trolley into a bicycle, then into a mushroom. When politely asked to cease his transmogrifying, he laughs and insists the world bow down to him and his powerful magic. His haughtiness causes him to zap himself with his own magic, accidentally turning himself into a grandfather clock.

Rashid's Description Edit

Well, now I'm into the top secret section of the database. This guy was marked under "do not re-generate". Surely he can't be that bad?

Appearance and Personality Edit

Max Chaos File Photo

Max Chaos file photo

Max is fair-skinned with dark medium-length hair. Both his hairstyle and beard appear tousled. He wears an orange jumpsuit under a purple coat, while black boots cover his feet. There's a visible bulge in the lower region of his jumpsuit.

Though he assists the player with his magic, his true personality is shown after Rashid helps him in surgery P19. Since Max wields CHAOS MAGICK, he sees himself as a superior and powerful figure. He comes across as conceited and spiteful, showcasing his magic despite Rashid's feeble attempts to calm him. Additionally, he appears to have a grudge against the Useful Brotherhood.

Skills Edit

  • With his magic, Max Chaos is able to transform prior injuries within a patient into something completely different. Such transformations include (but are not limited to) random swirling objects, stray staples, pools of poison, boils, ants, spiders, etc. Alongside that, he also provides coins and diamonds for the player.
  • Max's festive Christmas counterpart, Max Festivities, possesses the same skill. The notable difference is that he no longer auto-triggers, allowing the player freedom to activate his ability whenever they deem it necessary. He also has a nice flashy Christmas-themed effect when transforming injuries.

Procedure Edit

Max Chaos Glands

Example of the chaos glands randomizing injury positions

When beginning the operation, you will start outside of Max's head. His eyes are crossed at this moment, implying that he's currently dizzy. Use the pizza cutter to make an incision into his forehead. Entering his brain, you will notice two unusual parts connected to his brain. These are his chaos glands, which will set off at short intervals and randomize the position of any injuries present on the brain. When first entering the brain, there will be a few small cuts, a large cut, a poison pool, and a flame. Be sure to mend the small and large cuts as usual, then for the poison either suck it up with the syringe or slice it with the pizza cutter and suck up its contents with the vacuum. Extinguish the stray flame with the vacuum. Keep note that the injuries will switch positions as the chaos glands activate.

Max Chaos Swirling Objects

The swirling objects inside the first gland

When you are finished patching up the first wounds on the brain, you will be directed to slice into the first chaos gland. Inside are four small objects swirling around, which must be caught and extracted with the tongs. Be aware that the swirling motion of the objects will become progressively quicker as you extract each object. After extracting all objects, you will return to the brain, where new injuries have been created. Make sure to patch up your incision cut on the chaos gland first, then work on ridding the ice chunk, burn, cement chunk, flame, and boil. Vacuum up the flame as before. Melt the ice chunk by rubbing the lighter over it, soothe the burn with Pain Away, mow down the cement with the chainsaw, and suck up the boil with the syringe (or slice it open with the pizza cutter. This will cause a large cut to erupt from the boil and an extra poison pool to leak out, which you will have to patch up).

When the brain has been patched up for a second time, slice into the second chaos gland. There are four more objects that must be removed from the gland. Afterwards, you will be taken back to patch up your incisions. Max will be noticeably making eye contact with you (the player) when his glands are fixed, meaning that he has been successfully healed.

Trivia Edit

Pikachu-esque Doll

The doll inside one of Max's chaos glands

  • After surgery P19, Max's grandfather clock form can be seen residing in the background on the lab's wall for the rest of the partner storyline.
  • His name is a clever pun, since his abilities are known to cause "MAXimum CHAOS".
  • There is an object inside Max's first gland which highly resembles a Pikachu from Pokémon.
  • Max shares a pre-operation pose with Dr. Ignacious Bleed II.


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