Sack jack
Jack and his sweet butcher knife

Known Operations






Initial Heart Rate

70 BPM (AS1)
72 BPM (AS4)

Time Limit

6:19 (AS1)
4:00 (AS4)

Meatsack Jack is a patient of the Amateur Surgeon series. He appears as the ninth patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon and is the 12th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

Jack is a local butcher within the city. He possesses a variety of different organs inside his meatsack, hence his nickname.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Noticing his body's organs are deteriorating, Jack heads over to surgeons Alan Probe and Dr. Bleed. In exchange for operating on him, he offers a bag of organs to use for future surgeries.

Alan's Description Edit

The patient has acquired a large number of human organs, somehow, which he would like to use to improve his own failing body. The ethics committee (me) says it's fine, so go ahead!

Several of the patients organs are in decay from an excess of life. Enhance his organs, then send out mass e-mail offering to do the same for millions across the world and make a shed-load of mone-You will do no such thing! -DR. Bleed

Procedure Edit

This is all basically a chainsaw surgery. You'll have to use the chainsaw to saw off various pieces of the organs for replacement. The organs that will need replacing are one of his kidneys and both of his lungs. You must saw carefully.

Trivia Edit

Fishsack Jacques
  • Jack makes a small appearance as the 2nd patient in Amateur Surgeon 4's Scurvy Swashbucklers Blood Cup. He is renamed "Fishsack Jacques" and is shown to have aged.


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