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Mincer the Reindeer is the second (2nd) patient in Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition.


It's one of Santa's magic flying dogs,or sheep,or whatever. The poor guy's been sucked into and spat out of a jet engine and, well.... Its not pretty .


The head-bone's connected to the prop-shaft, the backbone's connected to the ceiling and I don't know where the purple stringy bits are supposed to go,but I'm pretty sure it's not across the walls.

Course of Action[]

With the magic of Christmas air, maybe-just maybe- a miracle could happen if we all wish hard enough? No,I don't think so either. Let's just lump him back together,electrocute him and hope for the best!

1. Place sellotape around the large wound then proceed with the curing (Flamethrower and Pixie-Dust)

2. Place the eye near the large wound you've just fixed, then the same organ transplant (up top)

3. Place the horns near the eye then Flamethrower and Pixie-Dust

4. Place the hanger on the other side of the place for the horns then Flamethrower and Pixie-dust

5. Place the Half-part of the body then Flamethrower and Pixie dust

6. Use the Carving Knife to open Mincer's inside

7. Place the bones the exact shape (you could also pretend it was Dr. Ignacious Bleed)

8. Then proceed to fixing the large wound

9. Grab the leg with the Grabber Arm then just release it then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

10. Place the candy cane in the straight line near the leg then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

11. Place the other half of the body then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

12. Cut the skin with the Carving Knife

13. You must place the green thingy to the first then so on then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

14. Then cure it with Sellotape then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

15. Place the Back leg on the very back not the horizontal line near the half part of the body but below it then add Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

16. Then place the flowery thingy next to the back leg then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

17. Place the Screw on the flowery thing then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

18. Place the other screw to the other side of the flowery thingy then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

19. Place the conductor on the horizontal line top of the back leg

20. Taze the conductor with the Tazer

21. Place the bulb on the place of the nose then Flamethrower and Pixie Dust

P.S. If you have difficulty on placing, try figuring out the shape


  • He always lets his tongue out
  • According to Alan or Dr.Alan Probe, he looks a bit like Frankenstein
  • If you play Mincer again if you look at Alan's cellphone the hanger is missing even the other horn
  • The ribcage is still seen every time even on Alan's Cellphone
  • Mincer's eyes also keeps on moving
  • The bulb keeps on flashing
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