Mr. Giblets
Mr Giblets
Mr. Giblets




Hubris (creator)


Ophelia Payne(close friend)
Dr. Alan Probe
Dr. Ignacious Bleed II
Rev. Apocalypse



Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

120 BPM (AS3)
101 BPM; 92 BPM (AS4, Lvl 26; 27)

Time Limit

15:00 (AS3)
2:04; 1:20 (AS4, Lvl 26; 27)




Moderate heart rate boost;
Heals cauterised wounds


Still present; alive

Mister Giblets is a cybernetically enhanced pug created by Hubris to be an assistant. He's the first patient and partner in Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma and is the 26th and 27th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

As one of Hubris's most notable experiments, Giblets is a dog with heightened intelligence. This was achieved by connecting his brain with a human's, which settles in a gel-filled jar he carries on his back. At some point Giblets ran away from Hubris and was found by Alan, who took him under his care.

​Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team TraumaEdit

When a monitor fell on him, Dr. Alan Probe wanted to test Ophelia Payne's skills on Improvised Surgery. After operation, Alan welcomed her on board. Giblets then accompanies Ophelia on her missions. He showed up last minute by biting Hubris in the groin and Hubris cursed him.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-GenerationsEdit

During some time on Dr. Ignacious Bleed II's journey, he was around with the Guru healing people in his village until he was attacked by Hubris searching for a cure. When healed by Ignacious, he travels with him through Guru Mountain.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Cutie pug

Giblets from trailer

Giblets is seen as an adorable and helpful partner to his fellow human surgeons. His fur is white and brown, occasionally decorated with his sloppy drool. His body's small and pudgy, his normal attire consisting of a worn out lab coat. Placed on his head is a metal cap, which attaches his brain with the human one he carries on his back. Though Giblets speaks through barking, he's capable of speaking the single phrase "I AM MISTER GIBLETS" in coherent English. Giblets is also smart enough to perform surgery with his own paws.

Since they first met, Giblets and Ophelia have had a very close relationship. On the other hand, Giblets seemed to have a huge disliking to Hubris, so much to the point of biting him on the groin. Judging by Hubris's reaction when he was bit during Amateur Surgeon 3's climax, this may not be the first time Giblets has bitten Hubris in that area.


  • During his first debut in Amateur Surgeon 3, Giblets has the power to moderately boost the patient's heart rate with his gel-covered tongue. This was kept in Amateur Surgeon 4, with the added effect of healing cauterised wounds.
  • The Giblinator, his limited edition legendary futuristic counterpart, is an auto-trigger partner with the same skills. He has a much shorter cooldown time, so he's very useful in keeping the patient's vitals stabilized.

Procedure Edit

Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

Giblets as3 pre-op

AS3 pre-op

This one's short and easy. Burn and gel the wounds to heal them and extract the glass from Giblets' insides.

Amateur Surgeon 4 Edit

Poor abused pug

AS4 pre-op

Saw off Giblets' cap to gain access into his head. Inside are a bunch of loose tubes, where you'll have to reassemble them into their proper positions. When completed, the tubes will fill with gel, meaning you are finished with that area. Afterwards you'll have to place Giblets' cap back on. For the rest of the surgery, you'll have to slice into Giblets and place his tubes in their rightful place. In the last incision there are two burst pipes that need to be clamped down, which will allow you to place the final two tubes.

Tube PlacementsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently everyone can understand Giblets as if he were speaking full English sentences.
  • If you take the doctor's notes into consideration, Giblets is capable of writing.
  • In most of the AS3 levels in Amateur Surgeon 4, you can sometimes spot Giblets in the far background.
  • The Giblinator is a walking canine parody of The Terminator.
  • Giblets always appears at the end of each prize wheel after a Blood Cup, always dressed correspondingly to the event that took place. For example, if it were the end of the Scurvy Swashbucklers Blood Cup, Giblets would be dressed as a pirate.
    • Furthermore, Giblets appears as the third patient in Cyber Showdown.

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