Napoleon Trotterski is the second patient of Act 2 in Amateur Surgeon 2. He is currently absent from Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.


Napoleon is a pig with an ambitious goal set in mind, which he can only achieve once he obtains human appendages and the ability to speak in a language rather than oinks.

Amateur Surgeon 2Edit

Napoleon approaches Alan Probe, giving him a note with his demands along with a bag of human fingers and a type-n-tell. After Alan fits the pig with the given materials, Napoleon is able to speak with the type-n-tell and thanks the doctor. He states he will spare Alan when the time for revolution arrives as a debt of gratitude (or he'll just turn him into glue).

Alan's Description Edit

Either the ammonia from the chicken poop is going to my head or a pig in a hat really just trot in... with some very strange requests. Four legs good, but two opposable legs and a gift of speech is even better, it seems.

Procedure Edit

Napoleon Trotterski
  1. Select the chainsaw (7) and trace the yellow lines.
  2. Select the tongs (2) to get the cut hoof. Then put it in the tray.
  3. Using the tongs, put the replacement thumb at the spot where the hoof was.
  4. Select the lighter (3) and trace the black lines.
  5. Select the Pain Away bottle (4) and trace the green lines.
  6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 to the other hoof.
  7. Cut the throat with the pizza cutter (1).
  8. Cut the vocal cords with the chainsaw.
  9. Use the tongs to put the cords in the tray.
  10. Using the tongs, put the replacement ("type'n'tell") at the spot where the vocal cords were.
  11. Use the lighter to trace the black lines.
  12. Use the Pain Away bottle to trace the green lines.
  13. Use the car battery (9) and give power to the type'n'tell.
  14. Type the words that appear at the type'n'tell screen before the word reaches the blue bomb by using the buttons on the type'n'tell.
  15. Use the knitting thread and needle (5) to seal the cut.
  16. Use the lighter on the wound.
  17. Use the Pain Away bottle on the left-over scar to finish the operation.

Trivia Edit

  • Napoleon Trotterski's character came from George Orwell's novel Animal Farm.
  • He is the only animal patient in Amateur Surgeon 2, first only to Elephant Boy if one includes the Circus Freak-Out incident.
  • He is the only patient that requires typing skills to finish the surgery.
  • Napoleon, along with Boris Power were the only two patients omitted from Amateur Surgeon 4.
    • However, there's evidence that he was meant to be part of the game, for there are objects from his surgery in the game's files, such as his body and tonsils for the type-n-tell. It's possible he may still end up in the game in future updates, but for now he's considered scrapped.
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