Nurse Luci
Dark Temptation





Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

666 BPM

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Heals all cuts completely

Nurse Luci is a Legendary-type partner introduced in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. She is part of Rashid's side story, her surgery labeled under P22.

Bio Edit

Luci is a demon who has taken the role of a nurse. All she requires is a signature in blood with a pen set aflame, then she'll make all the pain go away with her fiery healing powers.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Dr. Rashid is left in a nervous fit as the Re-Generator begins to act strangely. Suddenly, Nurse Luci teleports right in front of the doctor, shocking him. Despite feeling uncomfortable around Luci, Rashid lends his aid by destroying the devilish creatures that were harming her body.

Afterwards, Luci attempts to approach Rashid in a lecherous manner. This frightens him so much that he panics and calls out to Ophelia Payne for help. Luci expresses heavy outrage towards Rash before being placed back inside the Re-Generator by Ophelia.

Rashid's Description Edit

There's something not quite right about this nurse. Her qualifications check out, but her bedside manner leaves much to be desired. Oh my!

Personality and Appearance Edit

Nurse Luci seems seductive and quite malevolent throughout her appearances. She has green skin, a pointed nose, pointed ears, yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and a long, forked tongue. This tongue appears to affect her speech. Two small horns protrude from her forehead. Her short hair is dark and curly. Delving further into her facial details, her eyelids are covered in pink eyeshadow. The pupils in her eyes appear to be slitted. As a final touch, dark red lipstick bring out her smiling lips. As for attire, she wears a casual nurse's dress with long, black boots. Most of the time she's carrying around a lighter and a medical bag.

Skills Edit

  • When activated, Nurse Luci holds out her hands over the patient. They produce a circle of flames, which create a sort of medical symbol on top of the body. This magical circle will heal all cuts (small and large) present on the body, including flesh holes.
  • Her Christmas version, Luci Claus, keeps the same skill. However, her hands and healing circle have been changed to fit the Christmas spirit.

Procedure Edit

Devil Creatures

Devil creatures invading the heart

Nurse Luci's heart rate is exceptionally high, so you will not have to worry much about her dying on you. There are bandages attached to Luci's body, which can be removed with the tongs. Each time you remove a bandage, it will leave behind fire that must be cleared up with the vacuum. Heal the leftover burns with Pain Away.

Making the first incision, you'll encounter her heart. Besides three burns to soothe with Pain Away, there are two eggs resting on the heart. Use the pizza cutter to slice the eggs open, which will cause the bizarre, devilish fire creatures to emerge. To defeat them, you have to clear up their little flame first with the vacuum, then zap them with the car battery. You will have to do these steps a total of 3 times in order to kill the devil creatures (creature exterminating partners such as Officer Brutality, Boomin' Bessie, and Mister Caruthers can kill these creatures in one blow). You'll have to extract the dead creatures afterwards.

When you've finished killing the creatures and healing the burns, you'll have to dig deeper into the heart. Four more eggs are lying inside. Cut them open and deal with the devil creatures like before. This is the final phase of the surgery before close up.


  • Fittingly, Luci's heart rate during surgery begins at the number 666, which is known as "The Number of the Beast". This number, according to religion, mostly associates with the Devil and other satanic phenomena.
  • Luci's name seems to take the first four letters from the name "Lucifer", which is the name given to the Devil.

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