Officer Brutality




Dr. Alan Probe


Dwayne Pipe

Known Operations:


Initial Heart Rate:

50 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 1)
107 BPM; 45 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 4; Level 35, Level P1)

Time Limit:

3:39 (Amateur Surgeon 1)
1:50; 4:35 (Amateur Surgeon 4; Level 35, Level P1)




Beats bugs

Officer Hack Brutality is a recurring character in the Amateur Surgeon games. He is the first patient of Act 2 in Amateur Surgeon and the 35th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He's also the 1st patient (P1) in Dr. Rashid's side story.

Brutality has become a popular character and partner throughout the series. He played a role in Amateur Surgeon Hospital as part of Alan's staff and then went on to become an active surgery partner in Amateur Surgeon 3 and 4.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

In Amateur Surgeon, Officer Brutality appears as the first patient of the second act. He spends his time investigating the mysterious attacks on criminals. He appears in the third act catching Horrace escaping, and forces him to be operated by Alan. Thanks to Alan, he sends him to jail and clears Dr. Bleed's name.

Alan's Description Edit

Sadistic, short-tempered and possessing an unhealthy sense of curiosity, the patient is keen for us to continue fixing criminals, presumably so that can beat them up some more. Complains of a pain in his abdomen, but will not specify exactly what has happened. Investigate his lower torso to see if we can get to the bottom of what's up his botto– Alan! Stop that — DR. Bleed

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition Edit

Officer Brutality gets mentioned, saying he forced Dwayne to assist to his cooking classes, which made Dwayne escape to the North Pole rather than that.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

He only appears at the very end, when he's called out of his retirement to keep an eye on Dwayne again while in power after the reopening of all the Bleed Everywhere hospitals..

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

Although he is not in the game, he only appears to be a partner.

As a partner, he gets a more active role. He can be used by Ophelia to help patients with police batons by smashing wounds.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

He reappears as one of the patients in Bleed's Memory Recall, as well reappearing as a partner. This time, he smashes bugs and other creatures. He also appears as a patient in Rashid's little re-generator story, present with a donut issue. 

Rashid's Description Edit

Oh wow! I'm operating on a famous surgery partner! This policeman seems to be covered in a mysterious sugary substance. I should slice open his stomach and find the source of his agony.

Personality Edit

Screenshot 2017-08-17-19-18-56

Graffiti? That's a no-no.

Brutality is a person married to his job, being strict, short-tempered and harsh towards criminals, to the point of cruelty. However, he seems concerned for the well-being of the criminals, and has shown to be sort-of-friendly with people like Alan Probe, helping him and bringing justice. 

Skills Edit

  • In Amateur Surgeon 3, Brutality had the ability to heal injuries by beating on them with his medical nightsticks. He could even beat organs back to health.
  • In Amateur Surgeon 4, Brutality instead beats down on any unwelcome guests inside the patient. His counterpart, Robo-Brutality, shares similar skills, but is more effective. Brutality is a common type while Robo-Brutality is a legendary.

Procedure Edit

Amateur Surgeon Edit

When making the first incision into Brutality, slice out the poison and vacuum it up. Patch up the small wounds you've created before going off to find the 3 hidden objects inside the intestine. Use the etchy sketch/scanner to find them for the slice-extract. After patching up you'll cut into his stomach, where you just have to saw the handcuffs into 3 separate parts for removal.

Amateur Surgeon 4 (Surgery P1) Edit

Besides some sprinkles that need to be vacuumed up, there are also pesky ants that need to be exterminated with the battery. You can't slice the sugary liquid, so you'll have to suck it up with the syringe. When that's done, slice where directed to reveal two donuts around Brutality's body. Keep note that this will release a single ant, which you will have to zap before being able to slice out the next donut.

Then you'll cut into him, where there are more ants asking to be zapped. Vacuum up the sprinkles and suck up the sugar liquid, then begin using the chainsaw to split each of the donuts in half for extraction. Staple and cauterize the wounds, then for the pink crystallized sugar, use the chainsaw to break it down for vacuum suckage.

Trivia Edit

Brutality Icon

Example of Brutality's icon in the AS1 timeline (Amateur Surgeon 4)

  • His name is a pun on police brutality.
  • He enjoys listening to classical music, which most likely helps keep him calm.
  • There's something odd about Officer Brutality's patient portrait in Amateur Surgeon 4. When his surgery is completed from the AS1 timeline, his portrait instead displays his appearance from Amateur Surgeon 2. It's uncertain whether this was intentional or an oversight.
  • Excessive sugar tends to make him cranky, as seen in the post-dialogue of his bonus surgery in Amateur Surgeon 4.
  • Robo-Brutality is a neat parody of RoboCop.
  • In Mediatonic's Amateur Ninja, portraits of Officer Brutality can be found hanging on the walls of different levels.
  • Technically, Officer Brutality is the only supporting character who has made an appearance in all of the Amateur Surgeon games. Christmas Edition may count as well, though he was only mentioned.

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