Genderless (addressed as "he")

Known Operations



Ophelia Payne

Alan Probe

Initial Heart Rate

120 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 3)
98 BPM; (Amateur Surgeon 4; Lvl 41)

Time Limit

9:59 (Amateur Surgeon 3)
1:24(Amateur Surgeon 4; Lvl 41)

PRXY-4 (also known as Proxy) is a patient from Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma, the second one as a matter of fact. He then becomes the 28th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

Proxy is a rejected medical simulation robot that helps the player (Ophelia) understand the concept of Improvised Surgery.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Team Team Trauma Edit

When Alan told Ophelia to continue with her surgery practices. She comes across a medical robot with a bad case of "Medical Tourette's". While polite at first, it suddenly screamed out anatomical words that sounded similar to words used to describe the reproductive system. After the surgery, Proxy's wider dictionary was accessed by its "Medical Tourette's". It then proceeds to shout out inappropriate-sounding words that weren't even medical terms.

Ophelia's Description Edit

OBSERVATIONS: Patient is an anatomically correct robot. I was about to marvel at how amazing medical technology is, then questionable words started being thrown around...

Look past the medical Tourette's and PRXY'S a nice, helpful robot - heart of gold!-ALAN

SYMPTOMS: Beyond PRXY's immediately apparent "medical Tourette's", I'm being kept in the dark about what sort of test I'm taking here. A test of patience maybe?

Gotta see how you and Mr. Giblets handle yourselves as a team! -ALAN

ACTION: This is all a simulation, so there's no danger other than embarrassment for PRXY as he shouts increasingly almost-but-not-quite rude words.

Don't forget your tag partner! I want to see you and Mr. Giblets working together! -ALAN

Personality and Appearance Edit

Proxy is an advanced yet malfunctioning crash dummy. As stated before he's very kind and has a warm heart, but his Tourette's force him to yell out obscene sounding medical terms. He apologizes multiple times for this.


Heal the cuts on the stomach and make an incision to access the lungs. Remove the large cuts there and make an incision in the lung. Remove the shards of glass and deal with the cuts there. Finally, close all of the incisions and you're done.

Gallery Edit

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