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The Pain Away is a recurring tool in the Amateur Surgeon series. It is presumably created by Dr. Bleed and looks like a brown bottle with green liquid inside. The Pain Away gel is used to completely close up large cuts, stick transplanted organs also heal burns.

Amateur Surgeon[]

The Pain Away gel makes its debut in this game. It can be combined with the corkscrew to boost the patient's heart rate — a concept that many players don't understand.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition[]


The Pain Away doesn't make a direct return in this game. It is instead replaced by a bag of Pixie Dust that has the same purpose.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

The Pain Away gel makes a return in this game. Its design is changed — the bottle now says "Super Pain Away". It has the same purpose as in other games, except that it can no longer be combined with the corkscrew — that technique is replaced by the injector. As it's upgraded, healing wounds becomes easier.

Amateur Surgeon 3[]

The Pain Away gel returns in this game. Its design is changed to feature the words "Dr. Bleed" above the usual text. Aside from its other uses, it is also used to seal burst arteries after clamping and burning them.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re:Generations[]

Pain Away.png

Once again, the Pain Away gel returns in this game. Its design is similar to its counterpart in Amateur Surgeon 3. Hubris D'Obscene also has a version of this tool which he uses on Dr. Ignacious' surgery, but the label has Hubris' name on the top instead of Dr.Bleed's.

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