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The pizza cutter is a recurring tool in the Amateur Surgeon series. It is one of the most iconic tools in the series. It is generally used to make incisions. It leaves behind small cuts if used carelessly.

Amateur Surgeon[]

The pizza cutter makes its debut in this game. It is used to make incisions as well as extract poison from under the skin. It is used to reveal objects that show on the etchy-sketchy and cut them out as well. Another use for it is to cut some flesh to make room for the PIMP plate during Donny Debonair's surgery.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition[]


The pizza cutter does not make a direct return in this game. It is instead replaced by a carving knife which has the same purpose as the pizza cutter.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

The pizza cutter returns in this game and has the same use as in other games with the exception that the injector is now used to extract poison. Also, extracted objects no longer need to be cut out when revealed. When the pizza cutter is upgraded, incisions can be made more easily.

Amateur Surgeon 3[]

The pizza cutter makes a return in this game and has the exact same purpose as it does in Amateur Surgeon 2.

Amateur Surgeon 4[]

Pizza Cutter bloody.png

The pizza cutter once again returns in Amateur Surgeon 4. Its purpose remains the same as in Amateur Surgeon 3, although the usage to extract poison returns in this game. When an upgrade for the pizza cutter is unlocked, the player can buy it to make incisions faster and extract poison with it easier.

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