Poison is an injury that can occur in the Amateur Surgeon series. It should be dealt with carefully, as it can spread to the point of being almost impossible to remove.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Poison is introduced to the player during Lumbar Jack's surgery. It is removed by cutting the poison three times using the pizza cutter. The poison must then be soaked up with the vacuum before it goes back in the small cuts that have been created.

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

Poison was changed in this game — it no longer requires the pizza cutter. Instead, the player must extract it using the injector and then suck it up with the vacuum.

Amateur Surgeon 3 Edit

Poison in this game was changed once again. The player can either remove it by extracting it with the injector or by cutting it and vacuuming it, similarly to Amateur Surgeon.

Amateur Surgeon 4 Edit

Poison appears once more in this game. It has both forms from Amateur Surgeon and Amateur Surgeon 3 and can be removed using the same methods.

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