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Richard Thimble is the third patient for Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2. He had escaped from prison, getting heavily injured in the process. This surgery introduces the new tool known as the Injector, which replaces the Corkscrew.

Alan's Description[]

Now here's a man who looks like he's been through the wars. He's muddied, beaten, and bloodied. He might be an escapee from somewhere, imprisoned for a crime he did not commit...or did. Who knows? Chop-chop!


Since this is the tutorial level on how to use the injector, Richard's heart rate is critically lowered. Use the injector to get his heart rate up at a comfortable rate, then carefully extract the glass and barbed wire. After patching him up outside you'll have to cut him open. Use the Ultrasound 5000 to find the two hidden barbed wires. Extract everything else and patch him up and you're all done. However use the injector if necessary.

Richard Thimble the Fugitive


  • Looking at the name and Alan's description, Thimble seems to be a parody of the character Dr Richard Kimble from The Fugitive.
  • There is a mix-up of Richard's last name in Amateur Surgeon 2, where in the pre-op screen his name was spelled as "Thumble".
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