Robot Unicorn Inferno
Robot Unicorn Destroyer
Dash of Death



Partner Type



Completes chainsaw cuts; Destroys creatures

Robot Unicorn Inferno is a Legendary type partner in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. Originally from the game Robot Unicorn Attack 2, he is the dark, destructive counterpart of Robot Unicorn Rainbow. Both are part of the Team Unicorn pack from the store, though they can also be acquired from the Re-Generator normally.

Bio Edit

Modeled after the Iron Pegasus, it's said that this steed's head had been floating in the Re-Generator's contents for ages. Now he's ready to offer his powers of destruction to whoever re-generates him.

Skills Edit

  • Like his fellow counterpart, Inferno will rush to the middle of the screen. After a few seconds his powers will activate. He will not only complete chainsaw cuts for the player, but he's also capable of destroying any sawable obstructions such as hardened mucus, cement chunks, and hard candy. He can kill off some creatures in an area as well.

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