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Santa Claus a patient in Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition.


Santa is the mystical bringer of love, joy and presents on Christmas Eve, who met with an unfortunate accident following a brief moment of inattentiveness on Alan's part.

Amateuer Surgeon Christmas Edition[]

Santa was flying over the North Pole in his sleigh when he was caught in a head-on collision with a private jet, piloted by famed surgeon Alan Probe, while the later was reading an article about his life story. One reindeer was chewed up in the turbine, causing Santa to crash in the wilderness.

He was found shortly after by Alan, Generic the Elf and Mincer the Reindeer, half-starved, partially eaten by Bjorn, with multiple sleigh parts lodged into his body. With little time to waste, Alan carried out the operation during the return to the workshop. After being healed, Generic again lashed out at Alan for having led to tonight's event in the first place, though Santa was grateful for having had his life saved and commented positively on Alan's licensed autobiographical video game.

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