Sax Machine
Sax Machine
Saxual Healing






Transforms most injuries into candy hearts

Sax Machine is an exclusive partner in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He was only available during the Heartbreak Hospital event during February.

Bio Edit

Sax Machine is a jazz saxophonist who performs classic eighties melodies around various locations every Saturday night. As well as having the ability to allure anyone with his pleasant musical notes, he's also able to transform surgical injuries into something sweeter.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Possessing a tall and muscular stature, Sax Machine is enigmatic and charming. He has light skin, covered by an unbuttoned lavender shirt, black pants held up by a belt, and white shoes. He has dark and spiky short hair, two cowlicks sticking straight up from the middle of his head. His eyebrows, mustache, and beard possess similar traits. Sax Machine's other recognizable features include his heart medallion and saxophone. One can consider Sax Machine to be "a hunky gentleman".

Skills Edit

Sax Machine Ability

Sax Machine's ability

  • Sax Machine shares similar skill with Max Chaos, except he only transforms some injuries into candy hearts and sometimes even heart-shaped fish. This transformation is caused by the lovely heart-shaped musical notes emitted from his saxophone.

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