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The stapler is a recurring tool in the Amateur Surgeon series. It is used to hold large cuts together, allowing them to be burned.

Amateur Surgeon[]

Donny Debonair's stapler

The stapler made its debut in this game. Aside from its usual use, it's also used during Donny Debonair's surgery to staple his nipples and also staple the PIMP plate that he wants inserted, as well as the I on that plate. The stapler also gets a different look for that surgery only.

Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition[]


The stapler doesn't make a direct return in this game. It is instead replaced by Sellotape, which has the same purpose.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

The stapler does not return in this game, being replaced by the Needle and thread. It is only mentioned by Alan Probe in the post-op dialogue of Miss Distress's surgery.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma[]

The stapler returns in this game and has the purpose as in the other games. Large cuts will not appear stapled until they actually are. The fully upgraded tool can allow the player to leave a trail of staples along the wound with a quick drag of the finger, making closing wounds must faster.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations[]


The stapler has the same purpose except it holds the risk of leaving behind unwanted staples if the player misses with the tool. The more you upgrade the stapler, the less likely this risk can happen.


  • In the original Version of Amateur Surgeon(maybe christmas edition) the staples cut would get loose by changing the sprite from staples to not stapled. This happens after a while.
  • In the original version of Amateur Surgeon and Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition, it was possible to "over-staple" shut wounds without harming the patient. This was changed in Amateur Surgeon 3 and 4, for putting too many staples on an already closed wound will now damage the patient.
  • In Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations, there's a small visual glitch that may occur when two large cuts are adjacent to each other or overlapping. Such a glitch may throw off some players. Below is a example of this glitch:

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