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Gives a huge heart rate boost

Initial Heart Rate:

12 BPM

Time Limit:




Zappum before he escapes the lab

Stat Zappum is a recruitable partner in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. His surgery is labeled under P16.


Formerly an electrician, this nervous nurse has created an improvised defibrillator to steady a patient's heart rate. He seems to have a knack for making and experimenting with medical equipment.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations[]

While searching through the re-generator for any glitches, Dr. Rashid runs into a bugged version of Stat Zappum. As it turns out, the separate components of his defibrillator had been lodged within different parts of Zappum's body. Collecting all the components during the operation, Rashid is able to assemble the broken defibrillator back together.

Not willing to go back into the re-generator to be degenerated, Zappum had somehow rigged the lights in the lab to short circuit, causing the room to become pitch black. With Rashid blinded, Zappum makes a break for it and escapes the facility.

Rashid's Description[]

It says here that Mr. Zappum builds his own medical equipment. Maybe he can give me some tips after I treat him.


The pre-op screen for Stat Zappum

Give Zappum a helping of the injector to raise his heart rate, then make the incision. Use the scanner to locate the three batteries and extract them with the tongs. After patching up his stomach, an incision into the intestines is necessary. Use the scanner again to find, cut out, and extract the four remaining components for the defibrillator.

Now that Zappum is healed, his defibrillator will have to be repaired. Using the chainsaw, cut off the monitor to enter into the defibrillator. Place the collected batteries into their corresponding spots, then staple together the four gaps of the disconnected yellow wires. Now you can place the rest of the components into their spots, along with setting in two red wires to connect the parts together. The surgery ends after setting the monitor back in its place.


  • Zappum's pre-operation pose shares a resemblance with Richard Thimble's, even a zipper is shown.