Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

70 BPM (Amateur Surgeon)
65 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 4)

Time Limit

3:59 (Amateur Surgeon)
2:49 (Amateur Surgeon 4)

Stuporman is a bonus patient in Amateur Surgeon, whose surgery can be unlocked from the secret files after filling the entire Pimp-o-meter from Donny Debonair's surgery. His surgery reappears under the label SM in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

Stuporman is a self-proclaimed superhero who resides in the city.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

He tells Alan Probe and Dr. Bleed that he's been poisoned with "Kraptonite" by his nemesis, "Les Loser". The doctors help remove the Kraptonite from his body, witnessing the hero's miraculous powers during the surgery.

Alan's Description Edit

DESCRIPTION- The patient claims to be a superhero, but appears to be having trouble deciding which one. He wears a cape made of curtains and has no trousers.

SYMPTOMS- Patient says he's full of Kraptonite. He's full of SOMETHING, that's for sure. (Alan! We are here to heal, not to judge! -DR. Bleed)

ACTION- Open him up and see if anything's wrong. Maybe his web-ducts are blocked, or his utility belt got stuck or something.

Procedure Edit

Amateur Surgeon (Original) Edit

When entering the body for the first time with the pizza cutter, use the etchy-sketch to locate the three pieces of Kraptonite. When you've revealed them, slice them out and extract them. You do not have to worry about healing the cuts left over, for they will heal on their own. However, you still need to patch up the incision wound when exiting the body. When you've entered into the lungs, use the etchy-sketch to find three more pieces. However, the cutter is useless here, so you'll have to depend on the chainsaw to reveal hidden pieces.

Amateur Surgeon 4 (Surgery SM) Edit

This surgery has been altered for this game. The cutter will be used for all incisions and all cuts (even incisions) heal on their own. All the pieces of Kraptonite are left standing out, but when extracted they will leave behind poison and reveal flies that must be killed off with the car battery. Be careful when dealing with flies, for they will always move in quick, erratic patterns. They will stop to rest after a few seconds, leaving them vulnerable.

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