Ted Attack

Ted is an enemy creature introduced in the original Amateur Surgeon. He appears as a boss to fight in Stinkin' Joe Garbage's surgery. Another version of him appears in Dr. Bleed's surgery as well for Act 3.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Ted is a pink tapeworm who lives inside Joe's body as an unwelcome guest. Joe wishes for Alan Probe to "evict" him, which he proceeds to accomplish with the car battery. Joe feels guilty afterwards, holding Ted's dead worm body in his arms. Apparently Ted was his only friend.

Original VS. Remaster Differences Edit

The number of hits Ted can take from the battery before defeat remains the same in both the original and Amateur Surgeon 4. He takes 3 hits before retreating from the intestines, then 3 more hits from within the heart, adding up to a total of 6 hits.

A variation of Ted appears in Dr. Bleed's surgery from Act 3, located in the heart. Its body is colored dark red and it takes 5 hits in the original game. However in Amateur Surgeon 4, it takes a decreased total of 3 hits. As well as this change, this specific worm had its design kept exactly the same as Ted's in this version.

In both games, Ted will leave behind many small cuts as he travels around an area, so the player will have to perform cauterising and gelling often. As a final note, Ted will be hidden in the body once he's taken the finishing blow. The player will have to locate Ted and slice him out with the cutter so he may be extracted. The etchy-sketch/scanner may be needed if the player has no clue where he is.

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