The Temple Guardian
Tg healed
Healthy Temple Guardian



Known Operations




Initial Heart Rate

116 BPM; 86 BPM (Lvl 25, Lvl 25a)

Time Limit

6:27; 3:03 (Lvl 25, Lvl 25a)

The Temple Guardian, originally called The Bouncer, is a character introduced in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. He is the 25th patient of the game and has a bonus surgery, 25a.

Bio Edit

Previously a bouncer at a club, this burly man decided to throw away his old life to become a Temple Guardian for Mr. Giblets and the Guru after Giblets had healed him.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

While Ignacious Bleed II was riding inside the auto-piloted helicopter given to him, the so-called "flawless masterpiece of engineering" crashes near the side of the Guru's temple. Though Ignacious had made it out without any injuries, the Temple Guardian was not so lucky. Sustaining major injuries from the impact, the now purple-skinned Guardian makes his way over to Ignacious, seeming to have a hard time breathing due to all the objects lodged in him.

After Ignacious helps removes various helicopter junk from the Guardian's body, he is able to freely breathe again, his skin transitioning to normal.

Bleed's Description Edit

I would have said it was a mercy that the helicopter managed to get us here before crashing, but not for this poor soul. I may need to keep whatever bits I find in him in case they're needed for repairs!

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Temple Guardian is large and strong, made up of light skin. Before in his bouncer years, he had a fade and wore a black suit and tie. Later on, he develops sprouting orange hair all over his body. He wears bandages around his head, chin, and arms. A black band is wrapped around his face. He appears to wear some sort of spiky armor around his stomach, which partly covers his blue skirt. Dark hairs sprout from his lower legs, while his feet are wrapped around in an odd brown material.


Surgery Level 25 Edit

Use the tongs to extract the large pieces of rubble, then vacuum up everything else. You can't remove the huge metal piece yet, so you'll have to slice into the Guardian's body. You might want to shoot him up with the injector before doing so, though. So when entering inside the body, you'll have to use the scanner to find a hidden idol in the top left corner of the screen. Extract the idols, vacuum up the mess, and patch up. When you've cleared all of that, you can then slice in deeper and saw off part of the metal to remove. Afterwards you'll be taken back to saw off the rest of the large piece. When sawed into pieces, you can extract the middle piece and the left piece, which is in a visible large cut unlike the right piece. However, you will be able to remove that piece when you exit the body.

Heading to the head, again, you can't remove the other huge piece yet, so you'll have to slice into the brain. Saw out the brain so it's out of the way, then saw off the piece of metal. Make sure to clean up the blood, then patch up the large and small cuts. Replace the brain, then you will be able to remove the huge metal piece from the side of his head once exiting. Finally, you will slice into the Guardian's shoulder to take the objects out. You can lift up the little video game device without using the saw. Afterwards you'll have to saw out everything else before being able to remove them.

Surgery Level 25a Edit

Extract the knife and bottles from the Bouncer's head, patch up, then slice inside the head. There are three hidden shards of glass hidden inside the bouncer's brain. Though they are easy to poke out without the scanner, you may still use it if you wish. As for the small shocked brain piece, saw it out and replace it with the given dream-catcher. Once you've patched up the head, you will be taken to the body. Saw off the tie and remove it, then you'll have to do the same for his shirt. Once his shirt is removed, saw off the two pool sticks lodged in his body and remove them, then patch up the small cuts.

Slicing into his heart, remove the various items scattered about, then saw out the heart. Once the blood is cleared up, you will be given the heart pieces to put together like a puzzle. The first pieces goes on the upper right, second piece goes on the upper left, third piece goes on the lower left, and the last piece goes on the lower right. After burning and gelling the heart in, you'll be taken back out after a few seconds, to which you'll have to slice into the stomach. Suck up the poison puddles with the syringe or slice it and suck it up with the vacuum. Slice inside the stomach and do the same for the other two poison puddles, then extract the shot glasses. Afterwards you'll be given a little tea bag to place in the darkened area of the stomach. Then close up.


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