Woolen Fury



Known Operations


Initial Heart Rate

46 BPM

Time Limit


Partner Type



Sucks up poison and boils

The Absorb-o-Tron is a Common type partner introduced in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. Its partner surgery's encountered in P26.

Bio Edit

The Absorb-o-Tron is a robotic enhanced sheep from the farms of Robotopia. It also appears to be one of Bumps Grinder's well built Robotopian life partners.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

The Absorb-o-Tron arrives via mail after Dr. Rashid had ordered it from Robotopia. When it is repaired, Rashid decides to place it into the Re-Generator, since he didn't like the way it was looking at him.

Rashid's Description Edit

I'm not sure who would create such a creature. I am not a qualified vet, or a mechanic! Then again, I'm not a qualified surgeon either.

Skills Edit

  • The Absorb-o-Tron rolls around in the patient's body, sucking up poison puddles and boils.
  • The Adorbs-o-Tron, the Legendary female counterpart of the Absorb-o-Tron from the Easter event, retains the same skill, though she rids all poison and boils entirely as soon as she makes contact with them.

Procedure Edit

Use the chainsaw to reduce the Absorb-o-Tron's wool coat into poison to vacuum up. When making the incision into him, cure the poison puddles with the syringe or slice the poison out with the pizza cutter for the vacuum. Clear up the stray grass with the vacuum and extract the little daisies with the tongs. When exiting the body, place the given wool sweater onto the Absorb-o-Tron's body.


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