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The Blood Cup is a daily tournament held every two weeks in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. This feature is unlocked after completing the 5th level of the game. The player’s goal is to obtain as much blood as possible as they perform given surgeries. Collecting a set amount of blood bring the player up a tier. There are 15 tiers in all. Climbing up tiers will give the player a ticket, which they can use for the Prize Wheel after the Blood Cup is over. There's also a global ranking system, indicated by "%".

As of now, the tournament has had a total of five themes:

  • Cyber Showdown
  • Supernatural Surgeries
  • Scurvy Swashbucklers
  • Pagoda of Pain
  • Through the Ages

Each theme features a different set of 5 patients. When counted all together, the Blood Cup features a total of 25 surgeries. After completing all 5 surgeries within a theme, “Random Surgery” mode will become unlocked. This article contains the known solutions for the main surgeries. A small reminder: all surgeries are considered bosses, therefore you'll need a partner each time you attempt any of these surgeries.

Cyber Showdown[]

Hostess: Bionic Bessie

Featured partners: Bionic Bessie, Robo-Brutality, The Giblinator


The Meat-O-Tron[]

This surgery has a similar solution to its machine counterpart. When making the first incision, there is green gunk to clean up with the vacuum. Extract all the bones (and needle), then patch up the leftover cuts. Moving onto the next incision, repeat the same steps. When everything’s done, you’ll be given the identical soda can to place between the broken tubes. Burn and gel it in place, then you can proceed to the final steps.

These next last steps repeat the last part of the Memotron’s. After closing up your incision, you’ll be given a brown brick. Use the tongs to lift it up, then place it onto the “ fleshy window” to smash it. Extract the brick and broken flesh pieces. Heading inside, place the given brain piece onto the tip of the spiked bone, then place the colored nozzles into the matching dots. When they’re all set, shock the brain with the battery. Finish the surgery off by setting the “window” back in place.

Roadkill Cletus[]

This surgery seems similar to Cletus’s original surgery, but there is more than meets the eye here. As well as there being quills to extract during the surgery, there are also hidden alien tools implanted in Cletus’s body. These can be detected by the scanner. When beginning the surgery, there is a hidden tool around the top of the right side of his chest. When making the first incision into the colon, there are three hidden tools lined up along the bottom of it. When making the second incision, there are no hidden objects to worry about. Extract the quills and patch up, then slice into the stomach as directed.

Inside there is an army of alien UFO’s, which will have to be shot down with the battery. Each UFO takes 3 hits to kill. Be careful when dealing with them for they will resort to self defense if left alive for too long, where they will activate a force field and zap the body with a laser. The force field protects them from your battery and the laser will leave behind unwanted burns. When a UFO is destroyed, it will crash into the body. By this point the UFO will either simply land on top of the body or lodge itself in it. Both results require you to extract the UFO with the tongs. When all UFO’s are destroyed, use the scanner to locate the final alien tool in the middle of the stomach. Then close up.

Mr. Giblets[]

Slice into Giblets and extract the stray teeth inside him. You’ll have to extract more as you continue to the second incision. Afterwards, in the third incision there are fleas to exterminate with the battery. Extract the dead bugs and patch up any small cuts they may have left. You may have noticed Lord Meowington by now, who’s currently in bad shape. Well we’ll be making the next incision into him. Inside him are dust balls to extract. There are also two pesky verminators, which can be exterminated with the chainsaw. Just keep it steady, for they’ll resort to scurrying away with enhanced speed each time you saw at them. When they’re killed, extract them then patch up Meowington, pick him up and place him in the tray, then patch up Giblets.

Tommy Gracefuls[]

Tommy has received a special cyber modification for this surgery. Firstly, extract the various needles and glass from his body and patch him up. When slicing into the heart area, you will notice he has a pacemaker similar to Bertrand. This acts as a dangerous timer, for if the arrow ever passes the red marking on the pacemaker, this will shock Tommy and hurt him. To avoid this dilemma, you have to shock the pacemaker occasionally as you work on extracting objects and patching up. There's also a chip inside him, which can be burned with the lighter. It'll explode into flame for the vacuum.

Reverend Robot Apocalypse[]

This surgery’s mostly the same as the original partner surgery. His heart rate is low, so you may want to give him some helpings of the injector. Enter the Reverend’s body and use the saw to cut out both his lungs. When you have replaced the normal lungs with the metallic ones, you’ll have to place two tubes to hold the new lungs up. Strangely enough, the lungs are the only part in which you will have to gel and burn in place. For the tubes and the rest of the surgery, you will only have to burn them. Now when you’ve successfully replaced the lungs, you’ll be able to advance to the heart. Saw it out and replace it with the metallic heart. Then place the given tubes in the right place the same as before.

Now you’ll proceed to Reverend’s head. Inside, flames will seem to appear out of thin air. However, there is an uninvited guest causing these flames: a scorpion drone. This is the same drone from the Reverend’s Massive Organ (Level 91). To defeat it, you must wait for it to emerge from the body, then zap it with the battery. When it’s stunned, use your chainsaw on it. Keep in mind that it only requires a small amount of sawing to damage it. It will retreat inside the body afterwards and cause more flames wherever it goes. The drone takes a total of two repeated hits to destroy. When successfully defeated, it will explode and may leave behind its body parts to extract. Make sure that you’ve been sucking up the flames as well and patch up.

Supernatural Surgeries[]

Host: Count Sprogula

Featured Partners: Count Sprogula, Bloodbath Barbara, Nurse Lancet


The Lagoon Monster[]

First of all, be sure to boost up the monster’s heart rate with the injector.

When beginning the surgery, you'll notice that the monster’s impaled by a harpoon. You cannot extract this yet, however you can remove the green scales surrounding the harpoon. Making the first incision, there’s a visible fish hook to remove and a hidden bolt that’s located at the top right of the small intestines. In order to remove the harpoon, saw where directed and extract the middle piece first, then right piece lodged in the body (the game won’t allow you to remove it otherwise). When the area is clear, you’ll be taken back to the body to extract the base of the harpoon. When the body is healed, you'll be taken to the leg to remove a bunch of nails. As for the other leg you must saw the bear-trap off.

After removing the harmful pieces of the trap from the leg, you'll move onto the neck. You will have to make two incisions on each side of the neck. The first incision contains a single poison pool and four items to extract (one which is hidden in the right side). The second incision requires the use of the saw to destroy the hardened green chunks, while there are two caps and three objects to extract (2 are hidden). Remember that green chunks leave behind poison residue that has to be cleared up with the vacuum.

Tammy Gracefuls[]

Poor Tammy has been crushed by a huge boulder, just like Jack Ratchett. Her heart rate dwindles in low numbers, so an application of the injector is necessary. Saw the boulder into pieces for removal. There is a lit torch and rock piece lodged in Tammy’s body, alongside debris and two burns. The debris can be cleared up with the vacuum, as well as the flame on the torch (you can’t remove otherwise). After clearing up the body, you can slice into the lungs. Rinse and repeat.

Now to deal with the first red-eyed idol which is set near the left lung. When you’ve finished patching up around the lungs, this idol will pop out slightly from the wound and set aflame. Extinguish the eye flames then extract the idol. Continuing to the intestines, extract the rocks and vacuum the debris, then take care of the three red-eyed idols. The last area is the heart, where there is a single scorpion, multiple cuts and burns, and a blue-eyed idol lodged in the middle of the heart. Exterminate the scorpion by setting your chainsaw upon it. It will explode into brown poison when it’s exposed to it long enough. When you've cleared the injuries, this will trigger the idol, which will leave the wound and hover around the heart in a circle. Use the tongs to catch the idol to place in the tray. This is the last cursed idol present in Tammy’s body.

Mileena Lamia[]

This one’s another familiar surgery, except with concealed fangs that have to be found with the scanner. You will encounter snakes throughout this surgery, which will leave behind small bits of poison as they retreat inside the body. To kill them off, you have to shock them with the battery. Then when stunned, you can attack them with the chainsaw. They take three hits to kill. When they are defeated, they can be extracted from their holes. A factor to note is that they will leave behind inner poison when killed, which can be sliced out and vacuumed. When you remove the snakes from the body and patch up, this will allow you to locate the hidden fangs. There are two fangs hidden in the first area, four fangs hidden in the heart, and four more hidden in the last area. There’s poison puddles to get rid of as well as you venture further into the body.

*In the third area, the game allows you access to the hidden fangs early, so you may cut them out alongside everything else if you wish.

Capn' Splinters[]

The barnacles return for this surgery. Cause them to burst with the lighter and remove them. They’ll leave behind poison. Extract the huge stakes as well. When venturing into the heart and lungs, you’ll encounter the tentacles from the final boss surgery (Alan Probe - Level 98). All of the tentacles throughout the surgery are of the red variety, meaning that they require just the chainsaw to kill. Remember that you also have to chop off the tentacle after you’ve stunned it, else it’ll start wiggling again.

The rest of the surgery requires repeating these steps. There’s a single tentacle in the heart and three in the lungs, alongside barnacles and stakes. Of course, the captain will need shots of the injector.

Animal the Cannibal[]

Strangely, there doesn’t seem to be anything supernatural happening with the final patient. As a matter of fact, this situation appears quite normal for Animal.

Be sure to inject him with health first and get him to a heart rate you’re comfortable with. Making the first incision, extract the bones poking out. Entering the stomach, extract the various bones and objects, then saw the pelvis into pieces to remove. The only other area to visit is the intestines. There’s four objects lodged in there and an unlucky soul’s skull. Remove the objects, heal the large cuts, and saw the skull apart for removal.

Scurvy Swashbucklers[]

Hostess: Penelope Plunder

Featured Partners: Penelope Plunder, Capn' Red Pando, Katie Cutlass


Eddy the Seadog[]

The supposed rabies-filled steerer has shipwrecked the HMS Bloodbath! He’s been buried in sand due to the impact.

Lift and remove the shovel with the tongs, then suck up the sand with the vacuum. This will allow you access to his body. Advancing to the kidneys, there’s a liquid puddle that can be cured with the same method as poison. Extract the various objects from the kidneys, one of these including a dizzy stowaway rat. Heading to the lungs, repeat the previous steps and that’s the end of the surgery. A neat detail about this surgery is that the rats you collect are piled up beside Eddy.

Fishsack Jacques[]

There’s a fish and seashell to remove when starting the surgery. You’ll run into a decent number of sea life as you get further into the operation.  In the kidney area, there's sand covering the left kidney while an eel is trapped in the left one. Suck up the sand so then you can saw and replace the left kidney, then remove the eel and patch up the right kidney. The last area is the pancreas, which is where most of the sea life has ended up. Extract and patch up.

Earnest “Gunner” Pickles[]

The mischievous convict returns as a “trustworthy” pirate. What Penelope doesn’t know is that he’s stolen a bunch of her doubloons. We’ll get to that later.

Anyways, the surgery begins at the stomach. Every cannonball can be removed with the tongs. As for the imprints, rub healing gel on them and they will disappear, just like the burns. Moving onto the beard, a bunch of candles have burst into a hazardous fire. Extinguish the flames with the vacuum so you can remove the candles. At Earnest’s head, there’s more flames and cannonballs to take care of. Afterwards, remove the bandanna from his head and slice into the brain. Presumably due to the impact, the doubloons he’d hid had ended up in his brain, so we’ll have to help remove them while healing the leftover cuts and burns.

Meryl Maid[]

The crew has run into a siren who’s recently had lunch. Her heart rate’s low, so inject her a bit before beginning. Making the first incision, remove the cannonballs and swords from her heart. The swords are long, so be careful when taking them out. Next is the stomach, which is ruptured by two bones. Remove them, then enter inside the stomach. Extract everything you see inside, including the traumatized parrot. After closing up the stomach, you’ll move onto the intestines for more extraction fun. To sum it up, this whole surgery’s just extraction practice.

Duff Myver[]

Now this one here’s full of crabs. Remove the crab from his face and give him some shots of healing. There’s a crab scuttling around when you advance to the chest. Use the chainsaw to break its shell, then attack it again when it returns to finish it off. Breaking a crab’s shell usually leaves behind a part of it to extract. Remove the lodged crabs and the harpoon, then you can advance to the lungs. There’s shells and more crabs to take out of the body, next to a single moving crab to execute.

Pagoda of Pain[]

Hostess: Nao Yu Dai

Featured Partners: Nao Yu Dai, Samurai Saturday, Thunder Wang


“Grandmaster” Scratch[]

In this surgery you’ll not only encounter an interesting asset of improvised surgery tools, but there’s also Nao Yu Dai’s grenades you’ll have to defuse with the vacuum. You’ll make a total of two incisions into the body, where you’ll have to remove the tools and bombs. The only extra injuries to look out for are the poison puddles in the first incision.

The Green Ninja[]

“The Green Ninja” has been crushed by a Giblets statue. You’ll have to saw it in half so you can lift it off of him. You may want to shoot him up with the injector first before continuing. Slice into him and remove the bone pieces from the liver, then you’ll continue to the knee cap. From this point it’s similar to Shame-Rock’s original surgery. Extract the bone pieces and saw out the knee cap for replacement. Rinse and repeat for his leg bone.

The Blue Ninja[]

This ninja’s method of attack backfired as his mentor used his own weapons against him. This one’s short, mostly requiring the tongs for extracting weapons and the lighter to melt ice chunks. Due to all the weapons and ice, his heart rate drains fast, so shots of healing may be required depending on how quick you get things done.

Killa Bee Killed[]

Now here’s the bee ninja we’ve all come to know and love. Sadly, it seems he hasn’t learned from his mistakes. Extract the single bee and three shurikens from his body, then make the incision into his liver. Suck or slice the poison so then you can saw out the liver. Place the healthy liver in. Heading to the face, you’ll meet a hovering bee. To exterminate it, you can stick the syringe in its body and suck its poison out. Then when you shock it with the battery, its body will disintegrate and won’t leave behind any poison. The other way, which is most common, is to hit it with the pizza cutter or battery, which will cause the fat bee to explode in a mass of poison, leaving behind its head.

You’ll notice there’s also red bee stings between the eyes, which can be soothed with Pain Away. The final area is the hand, where there’s two bee stings, a single shuriken, and four bees. Cure the stings, remove the shuriken, and annihilate the bees.

Master Caruthers[]

The master of the Pagoda has choked on his food (and a bunch of other non-edible objects). Take the fan and chopsticks out of Caruthers body, then enter the stomach. There’s a single spider that can be easily killed with the battery. Extract the chopstick and sushi and clear up the rice and liquid. In the next area are more sushi accompanied by two water-striders. They only take one hit from the battery, but be sure to catch them before they hop off. The final area’s filled with rice and ants. Zap the ants and extract the rice bag and other lodged objects. Don’t forget about the rice and liquid puddles.

Through the Ages[]

Host: Hubris D'Obscene

Featured Partners: K T Custer, Fred Grando, Bashin' Bessie


Funky Nowe[]

The pimped ancestor of Nowe has been smashed by a disco ball and set aflame. Extinguish the flames with the vacuum and extract any object you see. After you rid the flames from his disco ball head, saw the ball in half and remove the pieces. Finally, extract the glass pieces from his head, patch up, then place his hat back on his head and his gold chain necklace around his neck.

Petyr Ye Bugge-eater[]

Boils and poison will be the main ailment to cure in this surgery. Clear them up with the syringe or use the pizza cutter and vacuum. When curing certain wounds from the forehead, fleas will pop out from Petyr's hair, which take a single zap from the battery. Next is the body, containing a single leech and a lodged "Plague Away" vial. Tap the leech with the cutter, chainsaw, or battery to force it to explode early. Extract the leftover teeth and the vial. You'll encounter another flea, boil, two extractable objects, and other small injuries. The final area is the lungs. When clearing the poison puddles, fleas will emerge once again. Once killed, you may work on replacing the lungs.

Herbie Vore[]

*Just a small note: this surgery's done in the dark, similar to surgeries like The President's (Level 24) and Vladimir's (Level VA)! A moving cone of light will reveal part of the surgery field for you!

There's boulders and a skeleton to remove from the dinosaur's mouth, then you can make an incision into the throat. Inside is a new enemy: a pterodactyl. It takes 3 hits from the battery to kill. Extract the dead creature and the other lodged objects. Vacuum up the bonfire and extract the logs. Now you'll have to saw your way through the huge boulders that obstruct your path. After doing such, you'll find the dinosaur's stomach, surrrounded by lodged boulders and another pterodactyl. Once rid of those, slice the stomach open to free Tommy Rockpiles. Vacuum up the leftover stomach acid, which will allow Tommy to move aside, giving you room to replace the dinosaur's stomach.

Tommy GROKKF1LE5[]

After failing to hack into Hubricorp's primary I.C.E, GROKKFILE5 is paying a painful price. Vacuum the flames up as usual. For the branding labels, smother them in Pain Away gel. When entering into the heart, aside from more flames and burns there are spikes to extract. Also, there is a tracking device hidden in the heart to locate with the scanner. Advancing to the head, extract the spike and patch up so you can work on sawing off the visor. Slice into the head, extract the spike, then enter the cyber brain. Alongside the spikes are three bug eggs to slice open. They will release the strange bugs from Ophelia's surgery (Level 66) , which take 3 hits to kill. They will rush off when hit, so zap with care.

There's a tracking device and a mixtape hidden in the brain, so don't forget to use the scanner. Then when closing up, put the given visor back into place. Tommy will awake once you've placed it.

Amphitheater Anarchy![]

This is one of the unique surgeries, since you will be operating on a total of four patients in the same operation. When facing the first two, remove all weapons with the tongs and patch up cuts as normal. The indent on the brute's eye can be cured with Pain Away. When you reach the head of the orange-haired woman, saw the Giblet's statue in half for removal. Then you will move on to patch up the body.

The last patient is a beastly lion, riddled with weapons and fleas. Do not forget to extract the loose foot from the lion's mouth.

Random Surgery mode[]

After you've finished healing all five patients within a theme, you'll unlock Random Surgery mode. The title's self explanatory, you'll be given a random patient to collect blood from. Chances of getting a patient who'll provide a good amount of blood are so-so. Be wary when choosing this mode, for it's always set in Sudden Death to add to the challenge.

The Prize Wheel[]

Hosts: Mr. Giblets, Hubris D'Obscene (Through the Ages)

After the end of a Blood Cup, the player will get to use the tickets they earned to spend on the Prize Wheel. The wheel's split into four parts. Three of these areas represent a different quantity of Bleed Diamonds, while a single part of the wheel represents a mystery partner ("?").


  • The Blood Cup's system worked a bit differently when it first arrived to Amateur Surgeon 4. It worked similar to Random Surgery mode, where the player must collect blood from a chosen patient. There would even be an icon that would hover over a chosen patient's portrait in the main menu.
  • In Cyber Showdown, Tommy used to be the second patient while Cletus was the fourth. Since the recent update, they've switched spots for some reason.
  • A special Blood Bank offer contains Legendary partner Ghost Bleed during Supernatural Surgeries and Pagoda of Pain.