Repaired Memotron

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Initial Heart Rate

125 BPM

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The Memotron is machine introduced in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. It acts as the 3rd patient of the game.

Bio Edit

It's not really known how this machine came to be in the mysterious underground lab. When fully functioning, the Memotron has the power to implant the memories of another into one's brain for a short time.

As well as its purpose to help Ignacious Bleed II further learn the secrets of Improvised Surgery, it also acts as a way to access surgeries from the past 3 games.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

During his recent awakening, Ignacious is lead to the Memotron by the voice of the intercom, Ophelia Payne. She explains to him that the machine is the key to unlocking every bit of info about Improvised Surgery, however it is in disrepair. Agreeing to fix it (along with the help of Barbara Ho-Tep), Ignacious sears the scratches and cleans up the gunk inside the Memotron . Afterwards, he receives a piece of matter to place into the mainframe of the Memotron : a part of Alan Probe's brain.


Bleed II being attached to the Memotron

When the Memotron is repaired, Ignacious is able to view Alan's memories every time the wired-suction cups attach to his forehead, giving him a good ol' shock. The memories flash through his mind for mere seconds, as observed by Ophelia. It has a mobile counterpart, called the Mobitron.

Bleed's Description Edit

I've been presented with a strange contraption that contains the key to the future (and past?) of Improvised Surgery!

Procedure Edit


nozzles for placing on the brain

Slice in and suck up the green gunk with the vacuum, then cauterize the wounds. When you slice into the next area, repeat these steps, then use the tongs to plop the soda can in the middle of the broken wire. The final part is placing the "key" into the mainframe of the Memotron . Pick up the given brick and "throw" it at the glass window to break it, then extract the brick and glass shards.

Place the "key" on top of the shiny pointy metal spike, then use the tongs to place the colored nozzles into the corresponding spot. When they're all placed, you'll notice the number on the lower right will begin to increase. Shock the "key" with the car battery once to skyrocket the number to 100%. You'll then be taken back to plop the window back in its place.

Trivia Edit

  • For the Blood Cup's Cyber Showdown, the Memotron has a meaty counterpart in Cyber-Bessie's universe, named the Meat-O-Tron.

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