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"Ahh....that's better! I'm back to my old self! Huzzah!



Known Operations

2 (technically one of these surgeries is shared with Creepo)




The Circus Freak-Out (leader)

Initial Heart Rate

50 BPM (ASCF, Lvl 09)
38 BPM (AS4, Lvl 74)

Time Limit

3:26 (ASCF, Lvl 09)
2:29 (AS4, Lvl 74)

The Ringmaster was a patient exclusive to Amateur Surgeon 2's Circus Freak-Out.. His brain becomes the 74th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio[edit | edit source]

Said to have been raised by the lions, the Ringmaster is the leader of the Circus Freak-Out. He is quite skilled at his profession and is capable of keeping the circus at a steady flow.

Amateur Surgeon 2: Circus Freak-Out[edit | edit source]

Sometime before the events of the game, the Ringmaster was assaulted by one of his own Freak Show companions, later revealed as Creepo the Dwarf. With the help of another surgeon, Creepo was able to steal the Ringmaster's body via brain swap. In order to keep the fiasco under wraps, Creepo had placed the Ringmaster's brain in a jar to make it seem as though it were just a prop. He hid the brain inside Tricks' caravan before he set off to take care of his business.

Later on when Alan mends Tricks the Psycho Man's brain, he is able to sense and locate the Ringmaster's brain. Alan ecstatically operates on the brain, connecting it to a phonograph. Now able to communicate, the brain informs the boys that he is the true Ringmaster and demands that they quickly reclaim his body.

Ringmaster's Brain

Upon further investigation, the group find the Ringmaster's impostor inside a circus performance tent. Feeling remorse for his actions, Creepo reveals that he is the one who stole the Ringmaster's body and requests that Alan operate on him in order to return it to him. After Alan returns the Ringmaster's brain into his rightful body, he thanks him then sets off to rebuild his damaged circus.

Appearance and Personality[edit | edit source]

The Ringmaster dons a uniform made up of a crimson top lined with gold, while his bottoms consist of dark pants and long-tipped boots. His skin appears very light. He has long, messy brown hair, which resembles a lion's mane. This is slightly shaved off by the end of the game. Facial hairs decorate his face, consisting of a dark curly mustache and a small goatee. The Ringmaster appears prideful about his circus, though he does not let this cover up his compassion for his fellow circus members.

Procedure[edit | edit source]

This procedure will refer to The Ringmaster's jar brain (level 74). For the solutions referring to surgery 65, 67, and 75, refer to Creepo the Dwarf.

Beginning the operation, give the Ringmaster's brain a few shots of the injector. Then slice into the brain. Cauterise and gel the three small cuts, the slice where directed with the pizza cutter. You'll be given a special device to place in between the two wounds. After successfully placing the device, you can staple and patch up the large cuts as normal. You will be taken back outside the brain afterwards, where you will have to make another incision after closing up the first one. You will be directed to create four more large cuts in order to place two devices like before. When finished with that area, the last operation area is the side of the brain, where you'll have to saw off a square chunk of the brain in order to place a sort of cable port into the now empty hole. Burn and gel it into the brain, then place the white-coded cord into the white plug, the red-coded cord with the red plug, and the u-shaped cord onto the circular middle piece.

When successfully put together, you will be given some sort of tablet to throw into the middle of the brain to finish it off.

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