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"Ah, now but I'll know what you'll say,doc!"

Known Operations




Initial heart Rate

40 BPM (AS2)
64 BPM (AS4)

Time Limit

4:23 (AS2)
4:22 (AS4)

The Shame-Rock is the eighth patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2 and the 23rd patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.


He is an elite Irish cage-fighter who has "been through the wars" (though Alan assumes he's been through a blender or some kind of farm equipment).

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

Shame-Rock enters in a wheelchair, his limbs covered in casts. He boasts about his skills as an elite cage fighter, stating that the opponent from his last match had it way worse. However he is in need of some liver detoxification and bone replacements.

Alan's Description[]

I could never remember if the "luck of the Irish" means you have good luck or bad. Thankfully, this cage-fighting patient has cleared up the mystery once and for all. Or maybe it's not about luck at all — he's just really bad at his job!

Personality and Appearance[]

Shame-Rock appears wearing a green leotard with a worried looking shamrock printed on it. He has dyed his mohawk, eyebrows, and beard a matching green. It can be assumed his natural hair color is red by looking at the various thin hairs that appear on his body(ex: his armpits). As a fairly built man with a chubby lower body, one can say Shame-Rock is full of pride and self-assurance, keeping a huge confident grin despite his current situation.


broken bones

Cauterise the wounds on Shame-Rock's body, then you'll make an incision into his liver. Suck up the poison with the syringe and vacuum up the poison (or alternatively slice and suck it up in AS4's case). Afterwards you will be taken to his broken shin, which needs to be sawed out and replaced. There are also little bone pieces that need to be extracted with the tongs. When finished with the shin, the final bone that needs to be replaced is his leg bone. Remember to use your super surgical extracting skills to pull out the tiny awkwardly-shaped bone pieces.


  • Shame-Rock is one of the few male patients to smile during his pre-op in Amateur Surgeon 2, the others being Dick MastersonPeeping Tom and Bradley(in the Ipad/Ipod version).
  • Shame-Rock has made it into Amateur Surgeon 4's Pagoda of Pain Blood Cup as the 2nd patient, crushed by a Mr. Giblets statue. He goes under the name 'The Green Ninja". His design has remained unchanged, though he seems to be in an immense amount of pain in his pre-operation screen. However, he immediately regains his grin during surgery.


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