The Verminators are a type of creature in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. They are also patients of the bonus surgery 86a.

Bio Edit


These cyber rats are a creation of Hubris D'Obscene's. Once ordinary rats raiding the books, Hubris had captured them from the lab and added powerful robotic parts to their body. This grants them rapid movement speed and possibly makes them stronger as well, since they were able to break Ygor's bones when he accidentally set off a trap door filled with them.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

These rats are introduced after Ygor had set off the trap door while fetching the "special key" for Ophelia Payne and Ignacious Bleed II. They are seen scurrying across Ygor's body during surgery. The only way to defeat them is with the chainsaw. A small precaution when sawing their bodies is their blistering speed. They will retreat whenever they are exposed to the chainsaw, so it may be hard to keep up with them if your chainsaw is low leveled. The Verminators will die after exposed to the chainsaw long enough, which you can then extract them.

These rats also have their own origin surgery, Level 86a, which can be unlocked after obtaining enough stars. The player will perform surgery through the eyes of Hubris as he sets to work creating the deadly cyber rats he's captured. As of now they are the first enemy creature of the entire series with their own surgery.

Hubris's Description Edit

Sharks with lasers are so passé! Rats with biotics - that's the new black! Not only will they guard my precious books...they might actually stop eating them as well!

Procedure Edit

When slicing into the first rat's brain, use the injector to enlarge its brain. You'll be given three special pieces each once it's big enough. Pay attention to the imprints on the brain and place the matching part into place. When exiting, place the goggles onto the rat's eyes, then when it's flipped around place down the battery piece. Shock it with the car battery to fully charge it. Next is the fat rat. Saw off all its organs, clean up the mass of blood, then place the given base onto the stem. Plug in the USB drives in their proper ports, then burn and gel in place. You'll place a pair of goggles on this rat too, then place the pieces of its armor correspondingly after its flipped.

  • If you want to acquire more points, after placing the battery down on the first mouse, you can zap it as many times as possible, even after it's fully charged. Just make sure you don't go too crazy with the battery, since the screen will transition after a few seconds and you don't want to accidentally zap the fat rat, killing your score counter.
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