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Tommy Gracefuls
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Known Operations




Initial Heart Rate

75 BPM (Amateur Surgeon)
90 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 2)
65 BPM; 90 BPM (AS4, Lvl 05; Lvl 16)

Time Limit

4:59 (Amateur Surgeon)
2:06 (Amateur Surgeon 2)
3:20; 3:09 (AS4, Lvl 05; Lvl 16)


Tammy Gracefuls (sister)

Tommy Gracefuls is a recurring character in the Amateur Surgeon games. He is a criminal who is the second patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon, the first patient of Act 1 in Amateur Surgeon 2, and the 5th and 16th patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.


Tommy is a burglar who's not so good at pulling off heists. It can be assumed that Tommy has gone through many failed attempts of thievery, since he is a recurring patient throughout the series(AS1, AS Hospital, and AS2.)

It's known that Tommy has a sibling, who's name is Tammy Gracefuls.

Amateur Surgeon[]

While attempting to steal from the empty warehouse, Tommy somehow stumbled through a glass window, falling onto the floor right in front of newbie surgeon Alan Probe and mentor Dr. Bleed. Excited to see a potential patient, Alan goes up to him and offers him a glass extraction.

In the post-op cutscene, he states that he recognizes Dr. Bleed, implying that he might have been a former patient of Bleed's while the Old Hospital was still active.

Alan's Description[]

Neither the brightest nor talented of thieves, the patient is more of a danger himself than to anyone's jewels, family or otherwise. Patient has taken a nasty fall through a window while failing to burgle a largely empty warehouse. Several extractions required to fix the pain in the glass.

Alan, that doesn't quite make sense –DR. Bleed

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

Bradley brings in an injured Tommy to Alan Probe in order to get the glass removed from his body. It's unknown whether or not if he was robbing the home or was residing there.

Alan's Description[]

It's a masked blast from the past! Was he robbing the Old Folks Home, or does he live here now?

Either way, Tommy here is in urgent need of a glassectomy — and that's just the start of his troubles…

Personality and Appearance[]

AS Hospital File Photo

I was "framed"! Geddit? On account of all the glass in me?

–Tommy's quote from Amateur Surgeon Hospital

Not much is known about Tommy. However he seems to have a sense of humor, even cracking jokes at his own mishaps, along with a touch of persistence. He is always seen in a hoodie, cap and jeans with a blindfold with holes cut in it to act as a mask. If one looks at his front view during pre-op, he appears to have a few gold teeth.

Comparison of Tommy throughout different titles

  • In AS2, Tommy had a few teeth missing and one more gold tooth, however in his pre-op for the AS4 remaster he appears to still have them all and the tooth that was gold appears to be normal.
  • Present only in the first game, Tommy's shoes appear different in the pre-op. He normally has white shoes with black shoelaces, but in the pre-op his shoes appear black with white soles and shoelaces.


Amateur Surgeon[]

A straightforward extraction. Use the tongs to pull out the several glass pieces around Tommy's body, along with stapling and cauterizing various cuts. The only other area where you'll have to repeat these steps is his lungs.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

The heart in AS4

Acting as one of the tutorial levels of the game, there are a few cuts on Tommy's body that must be cauterized and healed. Then the player will have to extract pieces of glass when making the first incision into him.

  • In AS2, this would be the only area the player could venture into. However in AS4, an extra area was added, possibly so then Tommy's surgery would not be so short. This area is his heart, where there is a small cut, a large one and four hidden glass shards inside. The player must use the scanner to locate them, then poke them out with the pizza cutter to expose them. The glass can then be extracted.

Levels Dialogue[]


Before Surgery[]

Tommy: Urrrr...

Alan: Hello mister burglar! Fall through the window trying to rob our clinic?

Tommy: C... clinic?

Alan: Yep! You're in luck - today's special is glass extraction!

After Surgery[]

Tommy: Urgh... wow. Hey - do i recognize you?

Bleed: No no... I'm sure you couldn't!

Tommy: There was a doctor got himself into a heap of trouble a few years back... lotsa unexplained deaths.

Tommy: Then he just disappeared...

Bleed: Thank you! Come again.

*Tommy leaves the Warehouse*

Alan: Hmm. So, was it true what he said? You're a doctor?

Bleed: No! I mean, I used to...

Alan: Can you teach me how to cut - I mean, help people?

Bleed: Alright, Alan. But we may have to improvise with the tools a little...


Before Surgery[]

Alan: Hmm! An intriguing and sexy move, my dusty old friend!

Aide: Uh... I'm looking for Alan Probe? The retired surgeon?

Alan: FORCED retirement, I'll have you know! But yep - "Legendary Surgeon Alan Probe", right here.

Alan: the way, your friend in the doorway appears to be bleeding messily to death on the carpet.

Tommy: Groan...

Alan: Woo hoo! I'll fix him! I can't get in trouble if YOU came to ME!

Alan: Bring him through to the toilet! My skills are as rusty as my tools, but I'm sure it'll all come back to me!

Alan: Probably!

After Surgery[]

Alan: Hmm, sorry about that. They don't usually bleed as much.

Aide: My God... You... That was incredible!

Alan: Heh! That's what they all said, back in the day!

Alan: ...right before all my hospitals got shut down by the government for being "farcically unsafe".

Aide: Mister Probe, allow me to introduce myself.

Aide: My name is...

Aide: Bradley! Yes. That will do!

Bradley: I represent a person who would like to give you another chance to practice surgery again...

Alan: Hey! They'd have to be pretty brave! I wasn't kidding when I said I was rusty!

Bradley: I figured that might be an issue - but I may have the solution! Let me explain...




Before Herbie Vore's Surgery[]

Hubris: Here we are in the Jurassic period. The local fauna will provide invaluable research opportunities

Hubris: But first things first, let's see If we can find a way out of this dark smelly cavern.

After Herbie Vore's Surgery[]

Hubris: Groan! A neanderthal in the late Jurassic period? Inaccuracies abound!

Tommy Rockpiles: Why thank you for releasing me from that awful organ, my good man

Tommy Rockpiles: I wandered in here some time ago and couldn't for the life of me find my way out again!

Tommy Rockpiles: I've spend most of my time down here rubbing rocks together to produce this pretty red burny stuff!

Tommy Rockpiles: Say... you wouldn't happen to know the path to the exit would you?

Hubris: Yes, unfortunately I do... You'll probably want to hold you nose.


Before Surgery[]

Hubris: Aaah... you again!?

Tommy GROKKF1LE5: Quiet back there! I need to concentrate.

Tommy GROKKF1LE5: I'm nearly past Hubricorp's primary I.C.E. Can't afford to get wrecknoodled!


Hubris: So much for natural selection.

After Surgery[]

Hubris: What was it you said back there, something about "Hubricorp"? What an interesting name.

Tommy GROKKF1LE5: Oh no, man. These drecks are the fraggin' worst.

Tommy GROKKF1LE5: They control the media, the school system, even the vending machine indrustrial complex!

Hubris: Sounds... wonderful!

Tommy GROKKF1LE5: Uhh, sure gramps. Anyways, I'm outta here!


Coming Soon!


Unused Gracefuls sprite/pose

  • There's an unused sprite of Tommy from Amateur Surgeon's files (refer to example at right).
  • In Amateur Surgeon 3, one of the patients in Mumbo Jungle is named Tammy Gracefuls, a tomb raider who shares the same surname as Tommy Gracefuls. Tammy stated that she has a brother. Given that information, it is possible that these two characters are brother and sister. It is most likely, considering their tendencies to injure themselves in an attempt to gain riches of any kind.
  • Elder Tommy acts as the fourth patient in Amateur Surgeon 4's Cyber Showdown Blood Cup. Though he's been given some cyber modifications to his body, he still fails at his "profession", for he injures himself whilst trying to swipe the Blood Cup trophy.
    • He also makes a small appearance in the 3rd surgery for the Through the Ages Blood Cup, well his neanderthal counterpart anyway, named Tommy Rockpiles. Then another counterpart is revealed to be the 4th patient, who goes by the surname GROKKF1LE5. He possesses even more cybernetic modifications than his elder counterpart from Cyber Showdown, sporting an interesting spiky neon blue haircut.
  • In the game Amateur Ninja, there are several portraits of Tommy that can be found hanging on the walls of different levels. He also appears on the Amateur Surgeon arcade machines throughout the game (the same ones from Amateur Surgeon Hospital).


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