Trent Coat is the fifth patient of Act 1 and the first of Act 3 in Amateur Surgeon. He then reappears in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations as the 8th and 78th patient. He's played the role as a shopkeeper in Amateur Surgeon Hospital and the iOS version of Amateur Surgeon 2.

Bio Edit

Trent appears to be one of the many criminals of the city. It's implied that he enjoys "flashing" any passersby occasionally.

Amateur Surgeon Edit

Trent first meets Alan Probe and Dr. Bleed in the warehouse. He claims that he was "making a deposit" at the bank when he "slipped and fell on some bullets". When patched up, he thanks the surgeons and says he'll spread the word about their "clinic", though not without mentioning the closure of the Old Hospital.

Trent is encountered again in Act 3. He's been repeatedly stabbed in the body by the mystery assailant after having "flashed" them.

Alan's Description Edit

Act 1 Edit

Patient claims a bizarre and unlikely sequence of events had led to his injuries. He's recently come into money, however, so attempt to keep sarcastic attempts retorts to a minimum. Patient has "fallen" on a number of police issue bullets during a recent trip "to make a charitable deposit" at the bank. Remove bullets, patch up cuts and extinguish pants, which may well be on fire.

Act 3 Edit

The return of the mac! Trent appears to have "exposed" himself to another dangerous situation and come off worse for the encounter. Patient is suffering from multiple stab wounds — which explains the bleeding — the lack of clothing is another matter, however. Work quickly to stem any bleeding, close up the critical wounds and be prepared for multiple transplants. His underwear could use changing, but that's not going to happen.

Levels Dialogue Edit


Before Surgery Edit

Trent: Doctors! You gotta help! I was down at the bank, robbing... Uh, I mean, making a deposit And I slipped and fell on some bullets!

After Surgery Edit

Trent: You guys are great! The only hospital round here closed down a few years ago. Some nasty stuff went down there...

Bleed: Well, don't let us keep you!

Trent: Right! Thanks again! I'll spread the word about you guys!


Before Surgery Edit

Trent: Guys...*gack*... I was just walking along, minding my own business, and suddenly some girl stabbed me!

Trent: Look!

Alan: Why are you naked!?

Bleed: Alan, whatever happened, those wounds are deep! We need to operate!

After Surgery Edit

Girl: Where Is he? I will kill him!

Alan: You're the girl from the warehouse! What...were YOU following Trent?

Girl: You're the ones who have been undoing all my work! Do you have any IDEA how hard I've been working to take those filthy criminals down?

Alan: WHAT?! You're the one going around attacking everybody! I thought it was that Horrace guy!

Girl: Who? You disgust me! But it doesn't matter - I've almost got him! I've been waiting so long!

Alan: Wait!

Bleed: Alan! That girl who was just here...

Alan: She's the one from the warehouse! That showed up after I fixed the creepy French dude! I tried to tell you...

Bleed: I know that girl... I believe it's me she's looking for. She wants to kill me.

Alan: What!? That's insane.

Bleed: I'm afraid not. I killed her parents. I am a murderer, Alan.

Bleed: She can explain to you herself. We are going back to the Old Hospital - MY Old Hospital...

Trivia Edit

  • His name is a pun of "trench coat", which he's always seen wearing.
  • Strangely, Trent Coat is shown to be lying in the Old Hospital for his pre-operation screen (Level 78) in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations, when his surgery takes place in the "Back Alley Clinic".
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