Sprite Time, Sprite Place






Gradually boosts patient's heart rate overtime


Can be squished on the job

Twinkle McAvity is an exclusive partner in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations. She is a rare partner to collect, only obtainable during Christmas themed events.

Bio Edit

Currently an unpaid intern for a tooth-collection business, Twinkle McAvity is a small fairy who wishes to become a dental nurse with her outstanding healing abilities.

Appearance Edit

McAvity appears dark-skinned with short, white hair. She sports semi-glowing face tattoos on her forehead, cheeks, under her eyes, and on her chin. Her lips are painted with blue lipstick. She wears a white and blue dress, which is decorated with white sparkles and a spiky collar. Her accessories consists of two gold earrings on each pointed ear, a beaded necklace adorned with a purple jewel, and two white and blue gloves.

McAvity's legs are tipped with what appears to be frost. On her back are a pair of spotted fairy wings, which help her fly around with ease.

Skills Edit

McAvity Healing

Example of McAvity's healing ability

  • When tagged in, McAvity will enter through a magical door and fly around the patient's body, sprinkling her healing sparkles onto the patient. The patient's heart rate will begin to rise as she's left flying around. She will fly away after some time.
    • Extreme precaution must be taken when performing any surgical actions while McAvity is present. If the player is not careful while using certain tools (e.g. pizza cutter, tongs, chainsaw), they may end up accidentally squishing McAvity. This not only ends the boost effect, but also resets the score meter. She must be extracted afterward.


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