The Ultrasound 5000 is a tool first introduced in Amateur Surgeon 2. It is a replacement of the etchy sketchy from the first game. It is used to find hidden objects within a patient's body. In Amateur Surgeon 3 and 4 it goes simply by the name "scanner".

Amateur Surgeon 2 Edit

Evolution of scanning

The scanner throughout the years

The tool first appears in the surgery for Tony Alias. When selected, the ultrasound will let off consistent beeps when hovering over the body. These are represented by full fading circles, which change color depending on how far away the hidden object is from the ultrasound.
  • Red = Too far away
  • Yellow = Not too far, not too close
  • Green = You're right near it
  • Grey = There are no hidden objects in the area

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

The tool keeps its same purpose in locating objects, the one difference being that the visuals were changed slightly, the beeps now indicated by fading rings. It is first obtained during Dale Break's surgery. There is an upgrade where the scanner can reveal all hidden objects within an area simultaneously.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

The scanner remains the same in this game. The player can upgrade it to descrease the time between beeps.

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