Useful Brother Shivering
"Would you consider such an explanation...useful?"

Known Operations





Useful Brotherhood

Initial Heart Rate

80 BPM (Amateur Surgeon 3)
140 BPM (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Time Limit

2:29 (Amateur Surgeon 3)
6:05 (Amateur Surgeon: Re-Generations)

Useful Brother is a patient from Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma and is the 92nd patient in Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations.

Bio Edit

A recent member of the "Useful Brotherhood", he acts as a willing guinea pig for Hubris's concoctions. It's unclear whether or not he was part of the staff or a patient within the Exile Clinic. There's small evidence that he may have been a patient, for he exhibits small signs of mental madness. However this could just be an effect of Hubris's brainwashing.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

Currently a test subject for ice ants, Useful is very cold and quickly dying from hypothermia. Ophelia makes a deal to save him in exchange for info about Hubris's plans.

Ophelia's Description Edit


This guy has a few screws loose - claims to be part of some 'Useful Brotherhood' and is helping 'Brother' Hubris achieve a greater good...

Hmm hard to tell if he's brain-washed or just really, really dense...-ALAN


Looks like he was being used as a test subject for some sort of ice ant. Not sure how the tools will hold up against these things...

Nippy little nuisances, aren't they? Who knew frostbite could be so literal!-ALAN


Should be able to kill these ice ants like any other parasite, but I'm worried they might fight back...Going to have to be careful...

Can't we just pour antifreeze on these guys and call it a day? That's how it works, right?-ALAN

Personality and Appearance Edit

Useful Brother

Useful after he is cured

Useful Brother is shown as a young man who's a bit not right in the head. However he seems harmless and dimwitted, claiming to have made a bunch of merchandise for the "Useful Brotherhood" such as T-shirts, stickers, and hats. He is also seen as devoted, for despite everything Hubris has done to him, Useful remains loyal to him.

It can be assumed he wears a long-sleeved shirt under his assigned blue-orange cowl and hat. Under his hood, he possesses dark and disheveled medium-length hair. Along with his green pants, he wears very slender boots. He has been given a golden mask to wear, concealing part of his face. In his initial appearance, Useful Brother had an unnatural blue skin tone due to the dropping temperature of his body. When cured from the freezing ice ant serum, his actual skin tone is revealed to be very light. A distinguishing little trait of Useful Brother are his pupils, which appear very small to symbolize his "loose screws".

Procedure Edit

This surgery seems threatening at first glance(in the 3rd game you can even hear the pitter patter of the many ants from outside of Useful.) However if you keep a calm head you can pass it in a breeze. Use the lighter to melt the various frostbite then use the car battery to kill the ants. Try to be quick but accurate(in AS3 missing while frostbite is present may stun Ophelia, rendering you unable to use your tools for a few seconds), then after they are all dead extract them all from Useful's body. You'll have to deal with the ice ants for one more region. Do the same as before, along with mending the star-shaped scar.

Keep note that the ice ants will occasionally create more frostbite.

  • Currently Chad Burnem is able to clear an entire area of ice ants in AS4. This can come in handy for Sudden Death.

Trivia Edit

Surgery usefulBrother1-2 sheet

Brother's torso and inner neck with artery variations

  • There's a peculiar grammatical difference in one of Useful's lines in Amateur Surgeon 4. In the original Amateur Surgeon 3, Ophelia tells the Brother that he won't be so useful if he dies of hypothermia, to which he replies, "Wait, what???". For some reason, this line was slightly changed in AS4, where instead he replies with "Wait, wait???".
  • Inside the last operating area, there are tiny cuts on Useful's lower back muscle, which form a star symbol. Muta-Brother wears the same symbol, located on his small intestine. It can be assumed to be a symbol of initiation for the Useful Brotherhood cult.
  • If you take a look at one of Useful Brother's poses (more specifically, the pose where he is trying to shake off the ice ants), his very last tooth at the top seems detached from his mouth. This is either an undesired visual error or an intentional detail for comedic effect.
  • There's evidence that there was going to be another part of the Brother's surgery in Amateur Surgeon 3 besides just clearing ice ants. It appears there was going to be a part where the player would have to make an incision into the Brother's neck to cure burst arteries, possibly alongside even more ice ants.


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