Home of the brotherhood

Brotherhood headquarters from Amateur Surgeon 3

We do not believe in those who are...not useful...being given the same right and privilege as those who work hard.
And so Brother Hubris works towards a day when we may eradicate the worthless.

–Useful Brother revealing Hubris's plans for the future

The Useful Brotherhood is the name of the secretive cult-like organization brought together by Hubris D'Obscene. Its purpose is not only for a way to get revenge on Alan Probe, but to also "forge a better world" and "eradicate the worthless".

History Edit

Amateur Surgeon Hospital Edit

Members of the Brotherhood begin to appear in Alan's Bleed Everywhere Hospital as recruitable staff members, most likely to obtain intel to deliver to Hubris. The Brothers' names were only revealed as the trait that they specialized in (e.g. Brother Major Skill; Brother Major Charm), each sharing identical appearances. The only way to tell them apart was by the color of their cowl. They wore a hat similar to the one worn by the D'Obscenes. They also covered their mouths with a face mask, though they would take this off occasionally.

Amateur Surgeon 3: Tag Team Trauma Edit

Former muta brother and useful brother

Muta Bro and Useful Bro

More of the Useful Brotherhood is revealed in this game. It turns out that the Exile Clinic Horrace D'Obscene was exiled to had been overrun by Hubris. It's apparent that Hubris had achieved this by brainwashing the many minds of staff and patients alike with his suave words. Turning the Exile Clinic into a huge testing facility, he uses select members as test subjects for his various concoctions.

This time the Brothers appear very different from each other, each having distinctive traits of their own. They are given the same similar hats and cowls to wear as a uniform over their normal clothes.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations Edit

Though the Brotherhood does not have much of a major purpose in this game, some of its notable members appear as partners that can be re-generated.

Known Members Edit

  • Muta-Brother: Former Member
    • He supposedly left the group, very discontent with being used as a test subject.
  • Useful Brother: Member
  • I.C. Weiner: Former Member/Scientist
    • Later it's revealed Hubris betrayed him somehow, so Ivor now seeks vengeance.
  • The Polymorph: Member/Administation


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