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Hello, I'm NervousBradley, a.k.a ShyviTheShy, also known as Kayla, yada yada yada! I am usually quite shy when it comes to commenting around and such. I enjoy playing a variety of video games and such. As you may have guessed, one of those games I take a high liking to is Amateur Surgeon. I really enjoy its art, story, gameplay, humor, and characters. I am especially happy with the most work they have put in Amateur Surgeon 4, the most recent addition to the series.

And then I found this wiki here through a friend, and since then I've wanted to contribute as much information as I can when I'm able! I am a little bit busy with other stuff, so sorry if I respond slow!

Sorry guys wah :(

Note: Sorry for a bit of inactivity, I'm working on another wiki (Diner Dash) and some other stuff too! But as of now I'm trying to see what pages are needed for the Amateur Surgeon wiki as well! If there's ever a question that someone has I'll answer it when I can.

Favorite Characters[]

Dr. Ignacious Bleed[]

Dr Bleed File Photo AS4.png

This is the man we all know and love as Dr. Bleed. I would say he may have one of the most fleshed out stories of all the characters and brings out the most feels in the entire game. I like the little way his character develops throughout the later games, despite being dead. He's not your average benevolent surgeon, he's basically the pioneer of the "Healing Touch" with unorthodox tools (lol). He helped shape the future for Alan. I am happy Dr. Bleed has his time in Amateur Surgeon 4, I would argue he is one of the best partners in the game.

Useful Brother[]


The Useful Brother from the third game has got to be one of my fave minor characters in the series. Though this semi crazed male barely gets any screentime, his dialogue, body language, and small details in his design basically tell me a lot about him. His overall design caught my attention as well. I really enjoy how he sort of has "insane" vibe to him, yet he possesses a seemingly friendly (and naive) demeanor. I have to respect how he's insanely loyal to his leader Hubris, even when Hubris scammed him of his money and left him to freeze (most likely TO DEATH). I suppose it's "for the greater good". Of course, we have no idea of the Brother's fate beyond AS3, but hopefully he has a somewhat tolerable future (hey, some of them have it alright, some of them have it crappy, some just have it plain crazy).

A small confession, when I first laid eyes on him, I thought the Brother was somehow related to the D'Obscene's because of his hair and boots. How silly of me.

Bradley the Aide (Buttley Jr.)[]

Bradley Photo.png

Ah, then we have the fated grandson of Alan Probe. Honestly, I wish we'd be able to see Bradley more in the newest game (lol I guess we can say that for Aureola too). I for one fancy his design, his hair really "sticks out" to me, and the small details to where he's always fumbling around with either his red tie or his sunglasses. In my opinion, his personality comes off as "adorkably" cute (flashback to the nutsack joke from ASCF). Of course we cannot forget about his dedication to his grandpa and his hospitals. I wonder how Bradley is doing now...

Dr. Rashid Scratch[]

Rash scratch.png

Okay, I'm saying it right now, he's "adorkable" too. To be honest, I think most my favorite guys are "adorkable", wow. I'm glad they gave Rashid his little own storyline to play in, cuz I frankly desired to see more of him since his initial appearance. I would say he is kind of that "one cute chubby mascot" of AS4. His hairstyle and mustache also reminds me of Dr. Wily's from Mega Man a little, haha. That smile he always has, even when nervous, gets me every time. It's so goofy, I love it. I would someday like to have some tea with Rash and have a nice, relaxing conversation. I'm sure he's got plenty of stories to share.

Ivor Cordial Weiner[]

Ivor photo.png

This German was screwed over. He must have his vengeance! Everything about this man is just downright cool! He has a snowy aura, a harsh and cold personality, sharp teeth, and everything else a good ice villain needs. Freeze rays are the new rage nowadays, eh? I just imagine him freezing anyone he hates in a huge ice cube. Someday he shall have his justice!

I also dig German accents, you caught me. I also fancy ice powers. Dammit.

Faker Hubris (Bluebris)[]

Faker bluebris.png

Bluebris is my favorite out of the D'Obscenes. He's not as much of a jerk than the others, surprisingly, and I am interested in the fact that he did not wish to take vengeance upon Alan with his father Hubris. His little spree in the Epilogue was lovely. I'm a sucker for wonderful disguises. I should also add that Bluebris has a bunch of BLUE put into his design, and I love the color blue. Woo~ All and all, he's an interesting twist on the D'Obscene arc as a whole.


Other places you can find me[]

  • DeviantArt: includes my feeble attempts at fan art
  • YouTube: full of amateurish tomfoolery

*Love you, fella. -HubrisDaEvilGenius*