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The vacuum cleaner is a recurring tool in the Amateur Surgeon series. Its primary use in the first game was to clean poison and extinguish fires. In Amateur Surgeon 2, a secondary use was added; cleaning blood.

Amateur Surgeon[]

In the first game, using the vacuum caused a semi-transparent rectangle with rounded edges to appear where the player clicked. A red line would slowly wipe back and forth across the rectangle while sucking up substances. To clean poison, the player would have to make three cuts with the pizza cutter on the poisoned section of skin and suck up the poison with the vacuum; if the player was too slow in vacuuming up the poison, it would seep back into the skin, requiring the player to repeat the process. To extinguish fires, the player would have to suck up blood from nearby cuts, small or large, and then click on the flame to pour blood onto it, extinguishing it in the process.

Amateur Surgeon 2[]

The vacuum returned in the second game, this time introduced in the second surgery. The player would still use the vacuum to clean poison and extinguish fires, but this time, the player would occasionally have to suck up blood, as patients tend to lose more blood than previously, obscuring the player's view. To clean poison, players would need to use the injector tool to draw poison to the surface, then use the vacuum to suck the poison up. Extinguishing fires remained relatively the same as before. Upgrading the vacuum improved its suction power.

Amateur Surgeon 3[]

The vacuum returned in the third game. This time, however, its only purpose was to clean poison and extinguish fires. And, on one occasion, suck up ghosts.

Amateur Surgeon 4: Re-Generations[]

AS4 Vacuum.png

The vacuum holds its same purpose, only this time sucking up blood is now mandatory. Parts of the surgery may not continue until the player vacuums up most of the blood. An interesting detail about the vacuum is that if you upgrade it to higher levels, it will not only improve its suction power, but it will also increase the healing boost you receive for clearing up poison and other debris.

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